The 1000+ packages Fedora doesn’t ship.

A repository for all the software you need. With Terra, you can install the latest packages knowing that quality and security are assured. Terra is also a great way to distribute your software on Fedora and its derivatives.



Terra is built on the Andaman toolchain, our modern meta buildsystem for packages. This simpilifies the process of maintaining packages, even at a large scale. Written in Rust, it is blazing fast and easy to use.


Tired of waiting for updates? Us too. Packages on Terra are automtically updated as soon as they are released upstream, on a 30 minute interval. And for those living on the edge, we offer nightly packages as well.


Packages on Terra are built by a team of experienced maintainers. Additionally, package submissions are carefully vetted and assessed against our guidelines. This ensures that a high quality of packages is maintained.


Long gone are the days of external buildsystems and scattered repos. All package sources are availiable within a single repository. This makes it easy to track down issues and report bugs. Additionally, all build jobs are publically viewable on GitHub Actions.

Ease of Use

For users, Terra is as easy to use as any other repository. And for developers, Terra is a breeze to work with. We work directly with other projects to meet their needs and make Terra as seemless as possible.


All packages on Terra are built in a secure environment maintained by the Fyra Labs team. Through our modern tooling, transparent infrastructure, and careful review process, we ensure that all packages are safe to use.